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The main objective of the Mundaka project was to create a down-turned shoe with more precision and sensitivity. 

Very aggressive and yet balanced, the Mundaka offers maximum performance on overhanging terrain and still maintains  superb friction on slabs. 

Mundaka is the widest of Tenaya’s down-turned shoes. The advanced technology and construction minimizes pressure on toes while maximising transmission of power. 

Mundaka is fitted with super-sticky rand . Its split sole and the way in which Mundaka wraps around the plantar arch, gives you greater strength and precision in all kinds of difficult heel hooks.

Like it’s editors choice forebears, the Oasi and Iati, Mundaka is built around RB Range X and SXR dynamic technologies so the shoe responds dynamically to the different foot positions required for maximum performance. 

Its patented DRAXTOR closure system provides a fast and accurate velcro closure and a maximum level of adjustment in tension across the whole of the shoe.

Everything about Mundaka is performance. Everything about Mundaka is comfort. There is no compromise.

Material: mikrofiber
Färg: grön och vit
Velcro, Draxtor® PATENT System
Tunga: lycra i fem lager
Fodring: bomull med TXT-behandling
Mellansula: dubbel mellansula GX 1.48 + TST 130
Innersula: 2D flerlagers strech tex
Yttersula: Vibram XS Grip 3.5 mm.
Vikt: 330 g
Storlekar: 1-13 UK (inklusive halvstorlekar)

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